Spring Clean-Up

"It's time for your landscape to THRIVE!"

Spring is the season of GROWTH, RENEWAL AND REPAIR! Winter's cold, snow and ice disappear, leaving chaos behind - broken limbs on trees and shrubs, squashed grass and plantings, downed fencing, misplaced stones and bricks form walks and walls, and damp, moldy piles of leaves and debris on the lawn... YUCK!!!

Thrive Landscape Services can help your turf and landscape recover from winter and THRIVE like it was intended to do! 

Spring Clean-Up Services:

  • Clean-Up pine cones, needles and winter debris
  • Prune winter damage
  • Detail and manicure your gardens
  • Renovate over-grown shrubs
  • Lawn De-Thatching and Areating
  • Fertilizing
  • Irrigation Start-Up